Spring Cleaning On A Whole New Level: THE PURGE

While most of us are focusing on NYFW and what’s coming for fall, what to wear and what to buy, another artist is really taking the ‘Spring Cleaning’ mind set to a whole new level.

Bjarne Melgaard, a Norwegian artist based in New York, just staged the biggest clothing giveaway, THE PURGE. Ahead of his newest project The Casual Pleasure of Disappointment, where he will be partnering with BJØRG, he gave away 500K worth of clothing from his personal collection to anyone who was willing to wait in line for it (now thats what I call great merch!). Many were waiting since 9am to get a chance to snag some of his new pieces before their debut, but of course there are always a lucky few who are on the guest list.

His collection included great pieces from Supreme, Marginal, Lanvin, Huff, Eckhaus Latta, and many more, as well as pieces from his new MELGAARD streetwear collection. The Casual Pleasure of Disappointment will be open at Red Bull Arts New York from Thursday the 16th to April 19th.

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