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The New Carry-Ons For The Wanderers of Today

Away, Arlo Skye and Bluesmart...

The worst feeling is when you’re at the airport, you look down at your phone and notice you have 5% battery left and the whole of your flight seems to be congregated around the five outlets they have available for you to charge your phone. Some airports have added charging stations for you to juice up, but it’s never enough for everyone, and you end up on the floor somewhere no where near your gate feeling frustrated.

If the lines at airport security were not enough to make you want to kill yourself, the thought of being stuck in that line (or even just the airport itself) without something to keep you occupied might be hell on earth, so these new luggage companies made it just a little easier (and more stylish) to deal with the pains that come with travel.


Soho location: 39 1/2 Crosby St., NY, NY 10012

Away brings together what every millennial is looking for: tech, durability and a reasonable price tag ($225). With it’s built-in charger located just under the handle you’ll be able to charge any device with a USB port, letting you sit comfortably wherever you choose while you charge up.


Inside you will find two compartments: one designed for harder items (compartment on the left) like shoes and toiletries, and the other (on the right) for your clothes. It also comes with a compressor with pull tabs so you can squeeze in those extra pair of cute jeans you’ve been dying to show off. On the bottom of the clothing compartment you will notice a zipper which contains a pouch for your wet swimsuits, a lifesaver for those beach vacations!

A great perk, if you decide to visit the store to purchase one, is that they will deliver it to you free of charge.


Picture from @arloskye

For the more sophisticated traveler I present you Arlo Skye. Its beautiful aluminum alloy shell is not just for looks, it’s solid and light weight, creating an extra safe space for your valuables inside. As well as having the charger at the handle, they have also eliminated those pesky zippers on the outside and have replaced them with a sleek I-touch open/close frame which is TSA approved. But all this beauty does come with a luxury price tag of $550.


As of the moment Arlo Skye is only online, but hopefully they will make it into stores soon!



Now this carry-on may be the Rolls-Royce of the travel world; it comes in two styles: Bluesmart One and Black Edition. Like the others it includes a charger, but with Bluesmart you can also weigh your bag, remote lock it, and locate your luggage all through the app you download on your phone.

Inside you’ll find two compartments for separating hard and soft items and a bonus compartment on the front for easy access to your laptop. It also comes with a 2 year warranty incase of any defects that may occur and you can return it within 100 days no questions asked if you are unhappy with it. With all this amazingness comes the price tag of $449-$599, depending on which style you choose.





Where this brand may lack in the tech department (I know! That’s what this is all about!) it makes up in its compartmentalization, so I had to include it!

All of their amazing travel products!

Flight 001┬áhas two styles of carry-on, their (4w) four wheel and (2w) two wheel Avionette, but their 2w is where it’s at for getting as much clothes as possible into a carry-on since the bag goes over the wheels all the way to the floor.

Made of a water resistant light-weight nylon, it makes this bag the lightest of the group at 6lbs and the most flexible. On the inside they have two pull pouches for shoes as well as pull tabs to compress your clothes, but the best thing about this brand are their spacepaks ranging from $18-$145. With the bag itself being $195, plus some spacepaks this could get expensive.

What are some of your favorite travel products? What are some of your tricks for getting through the long haul flights? Let me know in the comments and, as always, follow me on my instagram for daily updates. Thanks!

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