A Look At Madhuri Parson

Tradition mixed with modern design.

Tuesday Evening I joined Madhuri for her release event at Maiyet for her new jewelry collections and what I saw was simply breathtaking.

The gathering at 16 Crosby St.; Photo by Adrian Subagora.

When one thinks of Indian style jewelry, we think of ornate pieces to be worn on special occasions; large gold necklaces or bracelets with colorful jewels intricately laid to create beautiful, wearable art, and she did not disappoint with her Peacock collection.

One of Madhuri’s one of a kind pieces from Peacock.

Coming from five generations of jewelers, Madhuri has had a unique insight into the Indian jewelry industry. Growing up watching her grandfather lay gold onto silver, creating masterful works of art, she always found herself being drawn to jewelry. Even as she worked for a Fortune 500 she never stopped day dreaming of what she would love to be wearing herself.

So she quit, moved to NYC, studied at FIT (living the dream!) and worked with well known companies like David Yurman and Liz Claiborne before she started Madhuri Parson. She started by creating bespoke pieces and then with overwhelming orders she branched out with a few factories, with one in India so that she can capture her same heritage.

A few pieces from Gold.

While her pieces from Peacock make a gorgeous statement, my favorites come from her Gold collection. A fusion of gold, diamonds, citrines and emeralds, Madhuri creates simple, elegant creations that are perfect for your day to day. I, myself, tend to be a creature of habit when it comes to jewelry, so something that is easy to throw on and goes with everything I’m all about!


Come check out the rest of Madhuri Parson’s collections; her pop up will be at Maiyet (16 Crosby St.) until April 4th! You can also check out her site and instagram for new updates.


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