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Long Haul Flights and How To Brave Them

How to face six or more hours on a plane.

Everyone day dreams about the next trip they’re taking; a romantic get away to Paris, an adventure in Bangkok, but we block out the fact that we’re going to be stuck on a plane with over a hundred other miserable people for over 6 hours (almost 20 to Bangkok).

Nobody enjoys the flight. We all get on and pray we don’t get a Chatty Cathy or someone who decides a tuna salad sandwich is best enjoyed thousands of feet in the air, but there are a few ways that you can make your trip a little more bearable…

Bring a Scarf

Even if your destination is a warm one this is your perfect serve-all on your trip. If you’re cold, if you need a pillow, if you need to block the view of your annoying neighbor (or a mask for the stench of the tuna salad), your scarf is a life saver!

Load Up On Hand Sanitizer

We’ve all gotten some sinus infection or cold from being on a plane with a hundred or so people before, and while you may think that the air is solely to blame you would be wrong. Ask The Pilot talks about how most of the germs you will come in contact with are found on arm rests, tray tables, restroom handles, ect., and how a little hand sanitizer will go a long way in keeping you in good health before you get to your destination.

Keep Hydrated

With the humidity levels on the plane being so low it’s no wonder you tend to feel dried out after 6+ hours on a plane! Cover the basics with a bottle of water (if you don’t want to buy one at the airport this collapsible water bottle will save you space in your luggage), a hydrating mask to give you a glow before you land, and some moisturizer for any of the areas on your body that may feel dry.

Compression Socks

Have you ever felt like your feet were swollen when you’ve traveled? Hopefully it’s not just me (ha!). Our grandparents had it right with wearing compression socks on a plane; not only do they help with your circulation in the high pressure environment, they cover your feet… no one should be barefoot on a plane (…Ew).

Stay Stylish and Comfortable

Thank god for this Athleasure sensation that’s happening right now! The worst thing is wearing jeans that are too tight and you feel uncomfortable the whole trip there. I’ve found that my favorite combo on these flights have been some cotton joggers (needs to be breathable) and a big sweater, either a cardigan or hoodie, with a tank underneath incase you get hot. I love this cardigan from Free People and this Adidas hoodie is a classic.

Getting To Sleep

A glass of wine (or whisky, whateves) may be most people’s go-to on these sorts of flights, but you’ll end up worse for wear at the end. Alcohol will dehydrate you and with it already being extra dry up there your hangover will be awful (what a terrible way to start your trip). I like to bring on a packet of tea and ask for some hot water, it will help ease your body and relax your muscles. If you have any anxiety about flying you can always ask your doctor for something to help knock you out.

Earplugs are also a great help when getting to sleep, they help block out the constant humming of the plane. If the airline doesn’t provide them for you they’re super cheap on Amazon.

Keep Calm and Entertained

The last thing you want to be on your flight is bored, time doesn’t fly like you are. Most airlines these days have some sort of entertainment on board, but a good way to make sure when booking is to look on RouteHappy. They let you see exactly what type of services your flight will have, if you need to bring your laptop or tablet for your own entertainment or if they have TVs. They also tell you if your seat will have a plug to charge your device, super handy! Another great site is SeatGuru, they will tell you more exact information like which seat has a power outlet, what seats have more leg room or if the TV is shotty in seat 13A. But if all else fails bring a book, just incase.


Let me know in the comments if there is anything that has helped you on these long flights! I would love to hear! For more everyday travels check out my instagram.

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  1. Snacks help 🙂

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