8 Ice Cream Spots To Try This Summer

The heat is finally settling in around the city; the masses are headed to parks and waterfronts to cool down and enjoy the sweet, long awaited sun to tan our white winter skin.

With all this heat come the summer foods, and nothing screams summer more than ice cream *drools a little*. Instead of automatically running to a Mr. Softees for a frozen treat try out these fancy, sweet options.



Snowdays seems to have figured out how to get the lightest, creamiest ice cream into our mouths. With a technique that has been used in Korea and Taiwan for many years for shaved ice, they have integrated into their ice cream. They create their flavors like Yetitracks (blueberries and cookies & cream) and mold them into large cylinder blocks to be shaved down creating a light and fluffy ice cream that feels like air.



As a kid my mom would always hand me and my friends a popsicle to enjoy in the Florida “sauna”. This upgraded classic uses gelato and sorbet to make its delicious concoctions, and if that wasn’t enough, you can dip it in different kinds of chocolate, top it with coconut, nuts, more chocolate, hell, you can even make it a sandwich! I’m never going back to store pops again!

Wu Kong


For those of us with the “gram” always on our minds Wu Kong is a winner! Their ice cream flavors are delicious and creamy, but what has people stopping by is the cotton candy “cloud” that comes with it that makes it look like your delightful treat is floating in mid air.

10 Below Ice Cream


Need your ice cream to be ultra fresh? It doesn’t get any fresher than having your ice cream made in front of you. Inspired by the street food of Thailand and craft cocktails, 10 Below has created a new way to enjoy your favorite treat. Chose your ingredients and then watch, like you would a bartender, your ice cream made in front of your eyes on a slab of metal that is cooled to well below -10 degrees. This method allows the cream to create smaller molecules while cooling making it creamer without having to add in extra fat. Yum!

Watch below to see them curl the cream.

Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit


If you’re looking for something a little healthier for your frozen snack Chloe’s is perfect. You may know them better from their pops that you can buy at Whole Foods, but what really makes them special is their soft serve fruit. Their banana soft serve is so creamy you forget that everything is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and kosher!

Taiyaki NYC

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Why, yes, that is a fish that I am eating my ice cream out of, because as we know by now, eating ice cream out of a standard cone is so pasé. Here at Taiyaki NYC you have two ice cream bases to choose from: you can either do the standard cream or you can do a red bean paste which gives it a tangy sweet flavor that makes your fresh waffle fish all that more exciting to eat.



As we can see, Asia is really setting the bar for ice cream, and Eggloo is not one to disappoint. The original Hong Kong egg waffle shop creates these crispy, fluffy, bubble wrap looking waffle cones fresh to order from an egg base batter, from which you can choose from: original, green tea and chocolate. But don’t stop there! You also get unlimited toppings so really go for it!


Photo taken by Taste Agent.

And last, but not least, we cannot forget about the cookie sandwich, and Melt really has some good ones. When I think of a cookie sandwich one obviously comes to mind: the traditional chocolate wafer cookie with vanilla ice cream, but Melt has taken this to the next level with combos like the “LumberJack” which is a sandwich made with oatmeal-bacon cookies and a maple ice cream, and the “Lovelet” which is a red velvet cookie with a cream cheese ice cream. With 9 combos to currently choose from, this is a place where you’ll be making many stops this summer.


What are some of your favorite places in NYC? I would love to hear in the comments! For everyday adventures remember to check out my instagram.

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