Best Places To Go In Ibiza To Enjoy The View (And Grab A Drink)

Let’s face it, when you’re going away on a tropical adventure all you want is to sit back, sip on a delicious fruity cocktail, and enjoy the view. When taking a break from enjoying Ibiza’s night long exploits these are the places you have to check out during your summer in Ibiza.

Sunset Ashram


Looking like it’s carved out of the cliff itself, Sunset Ashram outlines the edges of this relaxing retreat with plush nooks giving you the perfect view of Cala Conta while sipping on a Piña Colada. If you get a little restless up above you can always walk down to the shoreline for some insta-worthy shots as the sun sets.

Cafe Mambo


If you’re the person who needs their sunset to be a production fit for the big screen (think dramatic music and a standing ovation you would give at the premiere of Titanic) then Cafe Mambo is calling your name. This casual setting during the day turns into a party of a lifetime once the sun hits the horizon.

Juan Y Andrea

juan y andrea

Sometimes just looking at the view isn’t good enough, you have to be part of it. Nestled among the dunes of Formentera, an island off Ibiza just a quick 50 min ferry from port, shoes are no longer a requirement at Juan Y Andrea. Just sit back and relax with your toes in the sand as you sip on your rosé (magnum preferred *wink*).

El Carmen

cala d'hort rest

Located on the beach of Cala d’Hort with a stunning view of Es Vedra, El Carmen offers a welcomed reprieve from the day’s water activities. Just snag yourself a beach chair and unwind as you take in the sun, sipping away your distant troubles. If you’re coming here for dinner make sure to make a reservation ahead of time, like with most restaurants in Ibiza, this view is in high demand.

Amante Ibiza

Amante ibiza

Who doesn’t love bean bag chairs?! Sipping on one of Amante’s Mediterranean Mojitos and lounging on a cliffside bean bag are what dreams are made of! Check out their sister restaurant Aiyanna Ibiza for some just as amazing views and drinks (currently only open for lunch).


Ginger Ibiza

Looking to switch gears from the typical mediterranean beach lounge? Ginger offers an asian twist with drinks like their Ginger Bellini and Pepper Mule to spice things up as you take in the colorful decor. The best time to enjoy the view may be in the evening when you can see the glittering lights of downtown Ibiza.


What are some of your favorite spots in Ibiza? Let me know in the comments! For more daily adventures check out my Instagram. Safe travels!


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