Places To Eat While In Genoa

While planning my stay in Genoa I was having a hard time finding places to eat online. My favorite sites like Fodor’s and CN Traveler didn’t shed any helpful light and Google fostered few results (*shakes fist*), so for those who are as lost as I was in finding some great places to eat and drink these were some of my favorites. Eat your heart out!

Il Genovese

When visiting Genoa there is one thing you have to eat and that’s pesto! The city is known for it! And there is no better place to enjoy it then Il Genovese. With every dish you get a little scoop of pesto on the side, but to really experience it you have to order the Trofie in Pesto. The fresh squiggles of pasta highlight the earthy notes and faint hints of pancetta you get in every bite.

Trattoria Dell’Acciugetta

You’re visiting a port town, you have to get some seafood; and while you have the pick of the litter here in Genoa Trattoria Dell’Acciugetta really delivers. Each day the menu changes depending on what fish are available at the market that day and their young chef brings exciting new flavors to the table.

Sà Pesta


Walking into Sà Pesta you feel like you’re entering your grandmother’s kitchen (and you may as well be), nothing has really changed since they opened shop in the 50’s and that’s the way the genoese like it. Their signature dish is the farinata, a flat doughy bread made with chickpea flour that you can eat with toppings, sauces, or just as is, yum!

Scurreria Beer & Bagel 


Doesn’t get more perfect then a beer with a bagel. With their bagel game on point, serving up the breakfast classics as well as some hearty lunch options, what really gets everyone in the door is, you guessed it, BEER! These guys have traveled the world searching for the best brews and what makes them so great, taking their passion and bringing the people of Genoa a truly thirst quenching experience.

Trattoria Osvaldo

While taking in the scenic town of Boccadasse make sure to take a break at this homey trattoria. Fresh fish from the daily catch as well as hearty meat dishes make this place a heavy lunch, but it’s perfect for dinner! Make sure to snag yourself a table outside to enjoy the sounds of the sea and some great people watching.

Pietro Romanengo Fu Stefano

We all love candy stores, the smell of caramel and sugar in the air, and while you’ll find most of your favorites here the thing to try is their candied fruit. Made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives, they bring back the original sugary treat for everyone to enjoy.

What are some of your favorite spots in Genoa? I would love to know in the comments! Remember to check out my instagram for the latest travel adventures, and as always safe travels!

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