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What To Bring On Your Next Fall Vacation

Traveling outside of the country is always difficult, but even more so when you’re traveling during a time when the weather is a little tricky. I’ve been planning my next excursion out to Lisbon in November and realized it’s much more difficult to plan then my summer travels, at least wardrobe wise. There are so many variables; what if it rains? Snows? What if global warming revs up and it’s casually 70 degrees? These are some the questions lingering in the back of my mind as I plan out my schedule for while I’m on the other side of the pond.

Scouring the web, as well as taking from personal experience here in the city, I put together a few things that I’ll be taking with me that can work for day or night so that I can maximize luggage space and get the most use out of what I bring.


Emergency Down Jacket

ultra light parka

This is perfect for those places where you’re not quite sure if it will be 65 or 35 degrees that day. They’re super easy to store, giving you extra room in your luggage, and extremely light (I have sweaters that weigh more than this jacket!). The Ultra Light Down comes in a few different styles: a vest, jacket or long coat, and you can get it in the regular Light Down or the Compact. The best part is is that they’re totally affordable; right now the Parkas are on sale for $39.90. Deal!

Layers, Layers, Layers!


Continuing with Uniqlo, pick up some layering pieces while you’re there, and nothing does the trick better than their HeatTech collection. They’re super soft, light weight, stretchy, and help keep in the warmth with the fabric’s heat retaining properties. They come in various colors and styles as well as some leggings to keep you toasty.

Waterproof Bootie


Yes, we all have a suede bootie stashed away in our closet somewhere, but what I really like about this bootie from Blondo is that it’s waterproof! No matter how hard we plan for our getaway we just can’t control that pesky weather, so boots that look stylish and are functional are a major bonus. These have a great grip on the bottom so that slips will be less common (clumsy people where we at?!) and for those vertically challenged like me the small heel gives a little boost without being difficult to walk in… the memory foam insole helps too *wink*.

Metallic Skirt For Days

metallic skirt

Easy to dress up or down, a metallic midi skirt lets you take that casual stroll around the city to dinner and drinks just by switching out your casual sneakers to booties or heels. Also, as someone who is constantly forgoing skirts and dresses for jeans, this gives me a reason to dress up a little since the neutral tone is so easy to pair with.

Call Me Basic… Plaid Shirt

plaid shirt

It’s basic for a reason, it works with everything. Pair this up with the metallic skirt and booties above for a trendy fall look, or with some jeans and call it a day. There’s nothing better than a cozy flannel to help you get into the fall spirit.

Cozy BF Jeans

frame jeans

Because who doesn’t need something easy to run around in and still look good?! I myself prefer the high waist, but it’s up to you what feels more comfortable. Take this bottom from day to night by changing out your sneakers for heels and add on a statement belt. You can grab these here.

YAS Leather!


If you don’t already own a leather jacket then that should be your next purchase! This is a wardrobe staple that everyone needs; it goes with anything from jeans and a T to girly floral dresses and instantly gives a layer of warmth. Personally, black is my go to (NYC dress code), but getting one in brown or grey is just as versatile.

Wrap It Up

buffalo wrap

Sometimes you just want a light layer over your long sleeve shirt on those cool, but not cold days and this is perfect. Layer it on open for a casual look or belt it for something a little more put together. Again, this wouldn’t be on here if it couldn’t pull double duty, a wrap makes an excellent pillow/blanket during your flight. You can find this one here.

Easy Sweater With Some Flare

free people sweater

A little goes a long way, this is especially true for sweaters. I love this little pop of color on an otherwise basic gray sweater! It gives the outfit a little something with out being overwhelming. This one from Coach is fun with out being too much, but maybe that’s just the kid in me.



olive backpack

I cannot stress enough how important it is to travel with a backpack when you travel abroad. Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to go back to your hotel or AirBnb before you go on to your next activity. This gorgeous olive green backpack from Herschel is small enough to not look bulky and large enough to fit a change of shoes, shirt and make up, just in case.

Sleep Styler

sleep styler

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m lazy AF when it comes to doing my hair, most of the time I let it air dry with some leave in conditioner or I have it up in a pony. This is exacerbated ten fold when I travel, so using the sleep styler is a god send. No need to worry about outlets, just pop them in your hair, sleep and boom! Perfect curls and I didn’t have to spend an hour trying to not burn myself.

Anker Portable Charger

anker charger

By far this is the best travel purchase I’ve ever made. This may not be specifically “fall”, but it’s amazing and I had to add it! A full battery can last you days of charging back up your electronics and it’s small enough to fit in your purse. This took me around Tokyo for 4 days without having to plug it back in; winner!

What are some of your go to fall travel picks? I would love to know, especially since I’m getting ready, HA! Let me know in the comments below, and, as always, keep up with my daily adventures on Instagram. Safe travels!

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