Luxury In Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

Spending the night at the Grand Hôtel du Cap Ferrat...

The allure of Nice is unquestionable; the salty waves of the mediterranean crashing against the pebble beach, markets full of vintage posters and books waiting to be read by its next owner (how very Belle), a glass of Sancerre accompanied by La Vie En Rose at a local café, life couldn’t get any sweeter… or so I thought. Just a 20 minute drive east you’ll find yourself in what you might perceive as heaven on earth; lush manicured gardens pave the way to cliffside homes of the wealthiest 1%, classic Jaguars and Aston Martins dot the roads as you make your way down to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

While we think of Nice as being the epitome of French vacationing, the true lap of luxury is a quiet little peninsula full of gated homes wrapped in towering bushes of secrecy overlooking the mediterranean with infinity pools for days. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, and that’s how they like it.

I stumbled upon Saint Jean Cap Ferrat when a friend of mine suggested I take a look there for places to stay instead of staying on the promenade where most tourists flock to, “You won’t regret it”, she said. So, as any millennial would do, I went on Instagram and searched the geo-tag (duh). Surprisingly I didn’t see as many photos as I expected, but what I did see a lot of was the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat – a Four Seasons Hotel; picture after picture of girls posing in front of the hotel (how original), so I went online to see what more they had to offer.

Each amenity was better than the next: cabanas, spa pools, infinity pool, Michelin stared restaurants, renting a classic car for the day, astronomy lessons – because, why not? Boutiques with Chanel, Hermés, and Fred (which if you’ve seen Pretty Woman that’s where the famous necklace is from) adorn the lobby. Why were people not posting about this?! That’s when I looked at the price tag and started sweating; only a few months rent, no big deal. There must be another way,… there’s always another way.

We booked our stay at the Hyatt in Nice, but as the days grew closer we kept checking the Hotels Tonight app to see if any rooms would open up at a discounted rate and to our luck one opened and we booked it! One night was all we needed.

Lobby of Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat

To say we arrived underdressed is an understatement: women dressed head to toe in Chanel lounging in the lobby with their big sunglasses and perfect manicures sipping rosé, men in Tod’s smoking shoes and panama hats discussing how they would be enjoying their evening out in Monaco, and here we come, strolling in, me in a bathing suit top and high-waisted shorts, Ryan in a T shirt and swim trunks… classy AF.

After the woman at the front desk casually asked if we had just been backpacking through the country side, she checked us in and let us know it would be a few minutes before our room was ready and that we were free to enjoy the facilities in the meantime. We headed straight to the pool.

Morning shot of the pool.

The scene at the pool was just as opulent as the lobby. After passing through their garden of eden and descending down on the mini gondola we finally reached the Club Dauphin Pool.

Loungers of all ages soaked in the sun; pool boys in pristine white, reminiscent of a time gone by, kept a vigilant eye on those who’s level of perfection are not easily met. If you were in need of anything there was always someone there to be of service. The infinity pool, already a sight to behold, gave perfect views of the sea as yachts lazily cruised by leaving wakes for the swimmers taking a dive in to the carved out cove at the bottom of the rocky cliffs.

As the sun started to lower we made our way to our room. The woman at the front desk escorted us up the stairs to the second floor where we were shown what I can only imagine a late 19th century noble woman would be be accustomed to, but with all the tech of today. The bathroom was covered in marble and glass with accents of nickel to highlight the grandeur of it all; the bedroom, with its plush white linens and flecks of gold gave the room a warm, yet opulent feel as if to contrast the cool tones that adorned the bathroom.


To say that we enjoyed ourselves would be an understatement, but with a hefty price tag how could we not? Anything that we could have desired was available at our fingertips, and if not? A call down to the concierge would resolve any matter that you would need.

If you’re looking to feel like old money for a weekend you’ve picked the right place, and remember, you payed for it! Everything is yours for enjoying, so ENJOY!

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