40f47d3e-0386-4ff2-ac2b-fbbcaf9d8911-e1502136761656.jpgHi there! My name is Jess. I’ve always had a passion for travel, which I’ve inherited from my family which is full of pilots and flight attendants. I love telling people about the places I go and the cool things I see, so that’s how The Wandering Duck got started!

I’m here to tell you my adventures; where to go and what to see, where to stay (and NOT), and make lists of what I did and what I packed to make my trip as easy and stress free as possible, because we all know planning a trip is never as easy as it sounds, and hopefully I’ll be able to make your future trips better for it.

Currently based out of NYC, I will also cover the local fare here and check out great places to eat, shop, go out and let you know if they were worth the while. I’ll share with you my favorite new travel merch and some styles that will work everyday and on the go. You can follow my day to day on my instagram.

Let me be the one to make the mistakes and show you a better way to wander…